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I am a New England-based photographer, who moved to Boston on a whim in September 2009, and I haven’t looked back since! I absolutely love this city, and all the people I have met through my business and beyond. My love for photography started in high school and my commitment to the art guided me to Rochester, NY, where I attended Rochester Institute of Technology graduating with a BFA in Photographic Illustration/Photojournalism.

My style has a very relaxed, authentic and fresh feel and the images are full of love and laughter. I am driven by a couple’s story from the beginning, and really enjoy learning how two people came to fall so madly in love. My goal as your wedding photographer is to capture every emotion from one of the best days of your life.

Besides photographing weddings, my other passions in life are running, eating, traveling and volunteering. Some of my most rewarding work comes from applying my photographic skills to volunteer groups. More recently, I've worked with Flashes of Hope in New England, documenting children fighting and overcoming their battle with cancer. I love immersing myself into new cultures and have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, London, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Mexico and Belize.

I always love and welcome the opportunity to combine travel with my work, and recently traveled to Hawaii to photograph a wedding. With that said, I am happy to travel around the world with you for your own special day!